Once I became a mother, I realized that many of my memories of my two boys are based on the photographs that I have taken throughout their little lives.  They are just babies, but they change so fast and impress me with something new every day.  The images that I take of them create a journal in my mind that brings back the feelings, smells, sounds, and emotions of specific moments, whether they were meaningful or just part of everyday life.

While pregnant with my second son, I decided that learning more about photography was the only way I would feel satisfied that I wasn’t going to forget who they are today and who they will be tomorrow.  The instant my journey into photography began, I was addicted.  As a teacher, I have always had a love for the qualities that make every child unique, but now I realize that it is possible to capture those personalities in images.  I began a journey of long nights spent learning about the technical aspects of photography, my camera and editing.  My weekends were spent photographing friends’ families and my boys, putting all of my new knowledge into practice.

I am so excited to meet the families that I have the honor to photograph.  It is my goal to connect with your family and to gain an understanding of your child.  I want to create lasting images and feelings for you by capturing your child as you see them.  I have many tricks to elicit natural smiles, but more importantly, I have a talent to notice all of your child’s expressions…the ones you never want to forget.  I want you to look at my images and see into their tiny souls.